Business Parks

Business Parks

Itself a small business, W. H. Shipman recognizes that small businesses provide the heartbeat of their communities.  It is in small businesses where most new jobs are created, and where men, women, huis (groups) and families move out on their own to test their ideas while providing invaluable services to their neighbors.  Small businesses thrive in environments that provide quality services and a commitment to their success.  Beyond that the Company recognizes that business owners and employees want their facilities to exist in a location that is well maintained and that they can be proud to call their corporate home.  Both the W. H. Shipman Business Park on the border of South Hilo and Puna Districts in Kea’au Hawaii and Durham Hall Business Park in the rapidly growing southwest I-5 corridor of the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area share qualities that lend themselves to the success of their corporate customers.

Hawaii Island

Durham-Hall Tigard, Oregon

Tigard, Oregon

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